(Don't let rusty rotors and worn brake pads happen to you!)

Do You Need Brake Services for Your Toyota?
Wondering how often you'll need brake services for your vehicle? Well, this depends largely on the type of driving you do! If you use your brakes often, like most city or urban drivers, you'll need car brake service more often than someone who does most of their driving on an interstate in New Jersey.

Are your brakes starting to make noise? A little noise is normal, but excessive squealing, screeching, grinding, groaning, chatter, clatter or bang means your Toyota brakes need attention.

Does your car pull to one side when you apply the brakes? This could be caused by anything from an underinflated tire to misadjusted brakes to Toyota brakes that are in need of repair.

Does your brake pedal nearly touch your Toyota floorboard before the brakes start working, or does your brake pedal feel "spongy?" This problem could require a simple adjustment or it may be something much more serious.

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Roxbury Brake Repair Cost

Check our coupon page to see the brake specials Towne Toyota Service often runs. It's important to have your brake pads and brake rotors checked regularly to ensure you are safe in your Roxbury Toyota.
Why Brakes Need Replacing
The parts that make up your vehicle's brake system (like brake pads, rotors, calipers and brake fluid) wear down over time and will eventually need to be replaced. One of the most common auto brake repairs we perform at our award-winning service department in Ledgewood is the replacement of brake pads (or shoes). Regardless of what the brake pads are made of (ceramic or metal), brake pads wear down each time you step on the brake pedal - that's how they work to stop your Toyota!

If you allow your car's brake pads to wear down too much without replacing them, the metal that holds the pads will make contact with the brake's metal rotors (or drums). This not only makes your brakes less effective (and less safe!), but also increases the wear and tear on your brake rotors/drums, meaning they will need to be replaced as well!
Brake Repair Warning Signs
There are several warning signs most drivers will experience before the car brakes (rotor, pads, calipers) reach the point of potential failure or require additional brake services.

While driving your vehicle, listen, look, and pay attention to how it is driving to help alert you to a looming brake repair. Some common questions you should be asking yourself if you are concerned you may need service on your Toyota brakes:

  • Does your brake's ABS warning light come on when you are driving?
  • Does your Toyota steer or pull to one side when using your car brakes?
  • Do you hear a grinding or squealing sound when you push the brake pedal?
  • Do you feel a pulsing or does your brake pedal feel spongy when you step on it?
These are common signs, but not the only ones, that suggest you should bring your Toyota car or truck into Towne Toyota Service to have your car looked at and possibly, have your car brakes replaced. Any other sights, sounds or sensations in you car brakes that seem out of the ordinary, or you haven't noticed before also indicate you should bring your car into our service department. Remember, auto brakes continually wear themselves down, so if you think you have a problem with the brakes on your Toyota, it will not get better if left alone. Typically, brake repair costs less than car brake replacement. Brakes are the primary safety system on every car and truck, so don't take any chances!

Towne Toyota Service recommends that you have your vehicle's brakes  inspected at least once a year even if you do not experience any negative symptoms. Servicing the Morris County areas, including Roxbury, Ledgewood, Denville, Morristown, and more, our award-winning service department has been keeping Toyota brakes running smoothly for over 35 years. 

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