Important Information About Toyota Parts and Your Toyota Warranty

Our award-winning Toyota service department recommends and uses genuine Toyota parts when we repair your vehicle. Why not use aftermarket parts? Here's why:

Protecting Your Toyota Warranty
In many cases, Toyota requires that genuine Toyota parts be used for repairs in order to maintain the validity of the vehicle's warranty. Comprehensive warranties are just one benefit of owning a Toyota, and ensuring that your vehicle's repairs are handled correctly and using genuine Toyota parts is just one way Towne Toyota protects your investment.

Toyota Parts and Long Term Value
Our certified Toyota technicians also prefer to use Toyota parts rather than aftermarket alternatives because they fit better and require less time on behalf of the technician. Frequently in a repair, using genuine Toyota parts will save money in labor (and on your bill!) because they are easier and faster to install.
Why Toyota Genuine Parts?
  • Warranty protection
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Total cost of ownership
Toyota Parts and Your Safety
One of the reasons that Toyota may require their factory parts to maintain your warranty is not only that these parts tend to not only fit better and last longer, but they are also SAFER! In their October 2010 edition, Consumer Reports warned vehicle owners, "Don't let your insurance company pressure you into using aftermarket collision-repair body parts, especially safety-related ones. If your car has already been repaired, check your invoices or ask your insurer to see whether aftermarket parts were used. If knockoffs were used, demand that they be replaced with original equipment." Don't gamble on your safety with inferior parts.
Toyota Parts and Total Cost of Ownership
When our Toyota service technician uses a Toyota part during a service appointment, it's not only about safety, your warranty, and the labor cost, but also the long-term maintenance cost for your vehicle. There are many aftermarket parts (especially parts like brake pads and rotors) that wear out much faster than genuine Toyota parts. If you have to change these twice as often, and pay for the labor each time, your lifetime cost of ownership winds up higher than it would have be had you used Toyota brake parts.