Optimize Your Fuel Economy

With prices at the pump rising more than ever, our customers are looking for every way they can make their fuel count! Luckily, we have compiled a list of ways to help you optimize your fuel economy, so you can get where you're going for less! Every little bit counts!
Schedule Regular Maintenance
Regular vehicle maintenance is paramount to maintaining your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Every part of your engine works in tandem, and when poorly maintained, corrosion and build-up can affect the engine's ability to work smoothly.

Maintain Tire Pressure
When your tires are underinflated, they don't roll as easily on the road. This means you are generating more friction and dealing with more resistance against the road surface, using more energy to propel you forward. Even a small amount of underinflation in your tires can increase fuel consumption.

Lighten Your Load
If you have a habit of keeping anything and everything in the trunk of your vehicle, now might be the time to rethink that. Extra weight in your vehicle takes more energy to move, so make sure to evaluate if this is an area you could be using fuel unnecessarily in.
Drive With Your AC On
Driving with your vehicle windows down can cause more wind resistance than you might think, which costs you more fuel. It might sound counterintuitive, but driving with the AC on, when you're traveling at high speeds, is simply more fuel efficient. 

Accelerate Steadily
To optimize your fuel economy, try to avoid revving your accelerator and keep a steady pace on the highway. Highway speeds between 45-65 mph are ideal because they are fast enough to keep you in a higher gear, but not so high that you burn more fuel to counteract wind resistance.

Practice Predictive Driving
If you get in the habit of planning your next move ahead of time while driving, you may notice a positive effect on your fuel economy. By anticipating where you will need to stop and accelerate, you can avoid aggressive braking, and hard accelerations, or hill climbs from a complete stop, which all negatively affect fuel consumption.
The best way to make sure your vehicle is optimized to make the most of the fuel you put into it, is to visit Towne Toyota for a service appointment. We can give you all the tips and help ensure your vehicle is operating at peak performance.
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