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Towne Toyota Service Center performs BRAKE SERVICE & BRAKE REPAIR  on ALL MAKES & MODELS in the Hackettstown, Rockaway, Dover, Budd Lake & Mount Olive Areas

No other system in your car is more critical to your safety than your brakes. That is why the proper care and maintenance of your brake system is so important. Towne Toyota Service Center understands this and takes the care necessary to ensure that your brakes are functioning properly and up to safety standards. If you are experiencing any one of the following symptoms, schedule a brake service appointment as soon as possible.

Are You Experiencing...

  • Your dashboard brake warning light coming on?
  • Grinding or squealing when you step on your brakes?
  • Your steering wheel pulling to one side when you step on your brakes?
  • Your brake pedal feeling spongy when pressed?
  • Your brake pedal going all the way to the floor when pressed?
  • Your car taking longer to stop than usual?

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Brake Service Center in Ledgewood NJ

Whether your vehicle has 4-wheel disc brakes or drum brakes all around, Towne Toyota Brake Service Technicians are trained to know what to look for when inspecting your brake system and what to do to correct the issue, from replacing brake pads or shoes, machining or replacing drums and rotors, repairing or replacing brake lines, inspecting, repairing or replacing a brake caliper or master cyclinder, to simply topping off your brake fluid, your brakes and your safety are of paramount importance to us and we will perform our service with the excellence and attention to detail that all that entails.

Brake Inspection

Our technicians are trained to correctly diagnose all types of brake system problems. We start by inspecting all the key brake components, such as how much material is left on your brake pads or shoes, how worn your rotors or drums are and if there is enough material left on them to machine them in order to smooth out the contact surface for proper operation or if they need to be replaced. We check your brake fluid level and inspect the areas around your master cylinder, calipers and wheel wells for any sign of possible leaks. We inspect the condition of your brake lines, that can become corroded or dry-rotted over time and may be prone to leakage or failure. We may test drive your vehicle to see how your brakes are performing and to detect any other issues that may be occuring.

Brake Repair

After inspecting your brake system, a detailed report will be generated and all suggested repairs will be presented to you. You may only need to replace your brake pads or shoes, which is the most common brake service we perform, as the constant friction between the pad and the rotor or drum, constantly wears down the pad's material until there is nothing left but metal, and you can hear the unpleasant sound of grinding or squealing when you step on the brake pedal. Waiting until this happens often causes more wear on your rotor or drum and can render them damaged beyond repair, requiring replacement and added expense. That's why we recommend you have your brakes inspected regularly by Towne Toyota Service Center BEFORE problems arise.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Your vehicle's hydraulic brake fluid is the lifeblood of the entire brake system. When you step on the brake pedal, a lever under your dash pushes a piston into the master cylinder, a resovoir of brake fluid located right in front of the driver's seat in the engine compartment. Brake lines connected to the master cylinder carry the brake fluid to each wheel under equalized pressure. Each wheel has it's own caliper piston, that gets pushed out and forces the brake pad or shoe to press against the spinning rotor or drum on the wheel, creating friction enough to stop your vehicle. This constant circulation coupled with the tremendous heat and pressure takes its toll on the brake fluid and over time it loses its viscosity and needs to be replaced in order to perform optimally. This is something that is often ignored until there is a problem. Recommended care and maintenance of this vital component will save money in the long run and make driving safer. Towne Toyota Service Center can check your brake fluid and tell you if it needs to be removed and replaced based on your vehicle's manufacturer's recommendations. Schedule your brake inspection or brake service in the Hackettstown, Rockaway, Budd Lake, Dover, Mount Olive, Hopatcong, Flanders, Succasunna, Landing, Mount Arlington and Stanhope area today.

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