Idle Car Maintenance

Driving Less These Days?

Learn How to Maintain Your Car While it Sits

Has your driving pattern changed due to COVID-19? Well you aren't alone which is why we feel it is important for you to be aware of some key points on how to maintain your vehicle while it sits.

Believe it or not your car can suffer if it sits too long without being driven.

Common issues that occur during idle time are:

The Battery Dying

A car sitting for an extended period of time can cause a drain to the internal components of your battery.  A drained battery will leave you stranded because your car will not start.

Tires going flat

A vehicle sitting can cause your tires to loose air over time leaving you with a flat tire.  Tires are round and are meant to be driven on, if your car sits too long these round tires can also develop flat spots which will cause a vibration while driving.

Engine oil aging

Engine oil degrades over time.  Oil degradation results in deterioration which can affect the engine oil level.   As the chemical composition of the oil changes it becomes contaminated. Contaminated engine oil is unable to protect the vehicles engine.

Brake Rust

Rust develops on your rotors if a vehicle is not being driven.  This is a result of outside elements and moisture.  As you drive minimal rust build up will wear off, however an excessive amount of rust due to the vehicle not being driven over an extended period of time will not.  Rust build up can effect the vehicles braking efficiency and lead to brake pulsations.

Debris buildup

When debris builds up it can get into the vehicle's ventilation system causing you to breath in dirty air. Excessive buildup can also lead to debris getting into the blower motor. Always clean buildup from the windshield cowl before starting your vehicle and circulating the air.

Rodent Damage

Believe it or not small critters are always looking for a place to build a nest and stay warm.  A vehicle that has been parked in the same spot for an extended period of time makes the perfect home for these critters. Rodents have the tendency to chew through wiring and plastic components causing damage that can become costly to repair.

How can you prevent these things from happening?


Start your vehicle and let it run, drive it around the block every couple days.  If you aren't able to do so ask a family member or someone you trust to do it for you. Starting your vehicle and driving it will help keep the battery charged.  Driving your vehicle  short distances will help keep those tires round and inflated, it will also help eliminate rust buildup to avoid brake pulsations.  Running your vehicle will help lubricate oil channels and bearings.  Moving your vehicle around can also deter rodents.  In regards to your engine it is recommended to have the oil changed once a year for synthetic oil and twice a year for conventional oil, so even with low mileage your oil should still be changed based on time.

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